Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Fairer Sex

When I watched Animal Planet channel on TV, I was amazed that most male animals are more beautiful than their female counterparts. Male lions have long, valliant hair on their necks; male leopards have bright and colorful patterns on their glossy fur; Peacocks have showy extravagant tails, which they display as part of courtship. Comparatively, the female have dull and plain look.


Scientists assert that it is a result of natural selection, due to the severe competition among male creatures rivaling for sexual partners for reproduction. A healthy showy male creature has more chance to attract a female counterpart to mate. The brighter color and better figure of an animal are proof that it inherited better genes, was conceived and nurtured in a healthier situation.

Plants are immobile, unable to seek out sexual partners. Many plants have complete flowers that have both male and female parts, some only have male or female parts and still other plants have a mix of male and female flowers. Surprisingly, even male flowers can be more beautiful than female flowers. For example, begonia has both male flowers and female flowers on it. Look the photo below, can you tell which flower is male, which is female?

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Human world is different; the surviving rule is complicated. Although a handsome strong man is attractive, but a man’s ability to possess quality resources is determined by more factors, such as intelligence, learning ability, wisdom and social skills, while physical strength plays a small part. Men’s appearance and figure is not that important in a modern society. Nevertheless, there are quite a few women who still believe in love at first sight and chemistry.

Women are called the fairer sex. People instinctly think all the beautiful and soft things are female. They praise a lady in a long shining dress as a peacock, but they forget a peahen can never be as beautiful as a peacock. They think all flowers and cats are female, however, the truth is that about half of them are male.

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