Friday, October 3, 2008

The Grace of Appreciation

Given a little sunshine, a bud in the shadow will come out; with a gust of wind, a small hand can make a kite fly. Have you met someone who understand you, appreciate you and trust you? Have you met someone who use kindness and belief to rekindle the fire in your heart?
At some point of our life, we need someone to encourage us, to reassure us, to help us rebuild our confidence. It doesn’t take a big person to do that. When Dale Carnegie was nine years old, his father remarried. Dale’s father introduced Dale to his stepmother, “Be careful of him. He is the worst boy in the county. He may throw a stone to you or do other bad things beyond your imagination.”
Out of Dale’s expectation, his stepmother walked to him, held his head, looked at his eyes, smiled, “You are wrong. He is not the worst boy in the county, but the smartest. He is the boy who hasn’t found where to use his passion.” Dale burst into tears.
Because of this word, Dale Carnegie built a beautiful relationship with his stepmother; because of this word, Dale Carnegie was motivated to be good and successful; because of this word, Dale Carnegie helped the other people step onto the path of success.
It is a grace to meet someone who appreciates you. You should cherish that person who believes in you even before you believe in yourself.

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