Monday, January 5, 2009

Build up Your Core Value

It is important that you know your core value and you align your core value with your life. If you don’t know what you believe in and what you can do to make a living, at worst, you may feel like you’re an empty cotton sack – you are unable to stand on your own, you have to be held by somebody; if somebody loosens his/her grip, you will likely slump into a pileup on the ground.

Put rice into the empty cotton sack, the fuller the sack is, and the better it stands independently. Fill yourself with belief, confidence, love, knowledge, skill and other positive elements, and find out your personal passion, your deepest motivator and your strongest trait, stick on them, you can stand in any circumstance and you will not easily be beaten down, even if you were beaten down, you could collect and rebuild yourself in short time. What’s more, your core value can make you build a good relationship, for you have to be independent first, then you can go interdependent.

You have to figure out what you truly believe in and insist on it. Your inner self may make some people like you and make some hate you. Don’t try to please anyone; you may end up losing everyone. Brand yourself, feel ease to be yourself, send out a strong personal message, you will eventually benefit from your persistence.

Discover your personal passion and develop your knowledge and skill to actualize it. You have to make a living first, then you can pursue your dream. I know some people intended to rescue others until they found they were struggling with life themselves, and then they chose to be rescued by God first.

Create your material and spiritual wealth. Without material wealth, you cannot be spiritually free. Without spiritual cultivation, material wealth just provides more chance for you to go lascivious and excessive.

Use five key words to summary up what are important for you and what are your main qualities. Personal values can be beauty, intelligence, health, wealth, discipline, communication, family, love, fun, hard-working, commitment, generosity, courage, knowledge, skill, leadership, passion, persistence, meaning, prestige and more.

Live concordantly with your core value, you can find real happiness and success.


Daniel Ng said...

Very well written and very encouraging...

I don't want to added anything else except since I am in finance line so I am totally agree that without material wealth, you cannot be spiritually free.

Our lives should surrounded more positive thinker like you, so even in the hard time, we still can find reasons to be cheerful. One will be our personal value!

Good one, thanks!

Jade Meng said...

Thanks, Daniel. I am glad you think my article is encouraging. I wrote this to encourage myself first.

Material wealth is the foundation, but what really makes one person different from another is their spiritual world.

R. Farlodrian said...

Value is what we believe as something valuable, precious, important, or significant in our life. Value is formed from belief, which is the meaning of life experience that has loads of very strong emotion, whether it's positive or negative emotion. Changing value is much more difficult than changing belief, because actually, value is the other name of core belief.

Simply, value is something important or valuable for us. Something important or valuable is very personal and subjective for each person. Everyone has different value. Essentially, value is emotion condition which we believe as important emotion to be experienced or avoided.

There are 3 period of forming value. First period at the age of 0-7 years old. Second period at the age of 7-14 years old. Third period at the age of 14-21 years old.

Those periods were the critical periods because we're sometimes got some negative beliefs about material wealth from our environment. Whereas, we surely need some material wealth to develop our spiritual world like Jade Meng said. Then when we passed those periods, our core value has been formed. And sometimes some people who have been passed those periods need some therapy to change their old beliefs about material wealth...