Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nourish Our Body, Mind and Spirit

Every life is a miracle; every moment of being is a miracle. We all matter. We should cherish our life and nourish our body, mind, and spirit all the time. Don’t let our precious life fritter away meaninglessly.

Nourish Our Body

  • Eat decent food rich of fiber, vitamin, calcium, protein, omega 3 essential fatty acids. Remove junk food from diet.
  • Rest and relax. Relax in a silent cozy place where pleasant music plays or enjoy our time chatting with a good friend. Reenergize and refresh our body for the next mission.
  • Exercise. It is said chemicals called neurotransmitters are stimulated during exercise, which can mediate our moods and emotions, so exercise can help us feel better and less stressed.

  • Nourish Our Mind

  • Read uplifting books. Good books can increase our mental capacity and improve our understanding of the world, and can enrich, purify and sublimate our mind and soul.
  • Surround us with positive and healthy people. Peaceful and harmonious companionship is vital to our health as food, water and air. Feel loved, respected and needed.
  • Think and meditate often. Have a meditation before going to sleep: what happened today; what I can learn from it, which will build up our wisdom and make us more conscious.

  • Nourish Our Spirit

  • Find the purpose of life. Our Spirit guides us grow in the physical, emotional and intellectual dimensions of our lives. With a clear purpose, we can persevere on our life journey and lead a meaningful and accomplished life.
  • Appreciate beauty everywhere. Soothing music, periods of silence, sunshine, birds singing, water flowing, leaves rustling, enjoy them naturally. Stand in a wild field, breathe all the beauty in. Smile often.
  • Contribute to the world’s consciousness. Live consciously and peacefully with the entire world. The universe is a wondrous miracle, absorb positive energy from it and contribute positive influence into it. Let our spirit be present in everything we do.

  • Life can be very stressful. It is easy to feel bored, angry, depressed or discouraged. But we have a choice to encounter the life with a positive attitude. Get rid of all the negativities; fill ourselves with all the nourishments. Peace, joy and love in the world come from each one of us.


    SpreadConsultants said...

    Agree with appreciating beauty everywhere. Its the little things that can make our happy. Living in a big city, its sometimes great to just go to a peaceful place, just for the silence and the beauty of the nature. I like to sit at a lake, looking at the birds, fishes, the water, thinking about positive things, in my opinion thats also a form of meditation.

    Jade Meng said...

    Yes, no one need to be educated about beatiful sights, sounds and feelings, but we always forget to watch the moon and stars, to smell a rose and to listen water flowing, which bring true enjoyment and emotional nourishment.

    Dee said...

    Cool Post!

    Jade Meng said...

    Dee, your Soul Searching site is very cool.

    Dee said...
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    Natalie said...

    Great tips. Could you write tips about meditate? I mean how to meditate.
    Thank you.
    It's Natalie from . Please visit my site more often and leave comments if you like.

    Jade Meng said...

    Natalie, sound sleeping is essential for healthy body and mind. I will wait your site often. I may try to write an essay "Meditaion and Zen" next time. Thanks.

    Revenanti said...

    Nourishing ourselves is essential not just for peace but it keeps away sickness, gives additional energy, and you'll have a very long life(except of course if you'll have a very ugly freak accident.. lol)

    Dee said...

    LOL too!!

    Jade Meng said...

    Revenanti, I agree. Nourishing our body, mind and spirit can keep us from both physical sickness and mental illness.

    hydrohead said...

    Great post and advice! I should try your suggestions sometime.

    WeeJock Dog said...

    Quite lovely words about enjoying all the good things around us.

    AngelBaby said...

    Wonderful information here, we must remember to take good care of ourselves in all ways. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

    Love and Blessings,

    dinsquared said...

    Hi Jade - I really like the focus on being a a well rounded healthy individual through lots of outlets. I get nervous about people who shun modern medicine in favor of everything "all natural", but am fully in favor of integrating as much natural health and healing into our lives as possible.