Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother - Life and Love

The British Council ever asked over 7,000 learners in 46 countries what they considered to be the most beautiful words in the English language. Mother came the top of poll. According to the survey, the top ten most beautiful words in English language are as follows:

  1. Mother;

  2. Passion;

  3. Smile;

  4. Love;

  5. Eternity;

  6. Fantastic;

  7. Destiny;

  8. Freedom;

  9. Liberty;

  10. Tranquility.

Birth is an amazing biological process and a necessity for continuance of society, forming a chain of life. The mother-child relationship is the most beautiful human relationship in the world. Mother is God to her little child.

It is believed all preborn babies possess a soul from the moment of their conception. During the time of pregnancy, the mother is the custodian of the physical and spiritual components of the preborn child in her womb. The quantity of nerve-cells is determined by the nutrition in the womb and the size of nerve-cells is determined by the nutrition after birth.

During infancy, the baby obtains nourishment and pleasure from sucking at the mother's breast. Security and comfort from mother’s care at the early stage play an important role in shaping the child’s behavior pattern in later relationships. An infant feels secure and loved has more chance to become a confident grown-up.

Mother is the first teacher to her child. Her love, care, personality, life style and habits shape her child’s personality, character, intelligence and health. A child receives more influence from the mother than the teachers. Mother’s hands rock the cradle and rock the world as well.

Francis Newman ever said, “All mothers are greater than Pope and more selfless than a saint.” Mother always gives never asking for return. A mother’s love is pure, unselfish and forever. Mother’s love is the greatest love in the world; we should love back unconditionally.


Poetic Shutterbug said...

There is nothing more sacred and beautiful than a Mother's love. I very much enjoyed this post.

Jade Meng said...

Thank you for visiting. I faved your "Hong Kong Adevnture" site. I enjoyed all the beautiful photos and poems there.

Mee mOe said...

Thanks for commenting on my post, I agree with Poetic Shutterbug, a Mother's love is sacred...have a wonderful evening..;)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Happy Mother's Day. May the Lord shower you with countless blessings and grace. God bless you always.

Jade Meng said...

Agree, Mee mOe, a Mother's love is sacred.

Thank you, Mel. Your words touch my heart. God bless you, too.

alwayswinner786 said...

Hi Jade,
Happy Mother's Day. Very beautiful post.I think God to take care of His loving children take shape of Mother. Mother is the most beautiful and loving sculpture of God.
God bless.

Mommy Kennedy said...

Hi, this is my first time at your blog. You have beautiful and powerful words. I am leaving with a happy heart, being a mama of 3 wonderful children that God has entrusted to me!

Dorothy L said...

What a very touching post.
Your words are full of love and loyalty.

I was inspired throughout the entire post!

I have added your blog to my blogroll:)

Jade Meng said...

Thank you, Dorothy. I will add your blog into my blogroll soon.

Tours with Shoki said...

good yah
amzing love of mother
It's a good posting, ihave visited ur whole blog and see all postings. And stay for some time in the blog. must visit my blog and do same as i have and post comments:

Jade Meng said...

Tours with Shoki, thank you for taking time to read all my posts.

I wrote this post because I think we should cherish the opportunity to be a mother.

I know, because of financial constraints, some couples had to abort their children. Wives were so hurt - either got mental problem or committed suicide. Life is hard.

Irtiza104 said...

No one loves us unconditionally but our parents (read: mother). i enjoyed reading this post very much.


Sashindoubutsu said...

I agree. This is a very beautiful post.. There's nothing like a mother's love, indeed.