Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Enjoy Cooking, Enjoy Life

Confucius said, “Eat, drink, man and woman, are human beings’ basic desires.” Western people say, “You are what you eat.” Scientific studies prove that what you eat could determine your health, look, even your intelligence. You have to take cooking seriously.

My mom is a very good housewife, who could make delicious food with limited resources when the supply was scarce during the hard time. Since I got married, I really enjoy cooking for my family and enjoy the dinner time with my family.

It is a great joy to cook for someone you care for and see them enjoy the fruits of your creativity. And having a meal cooked with love and care gives you warmer feeling than cooking itself – an experience your whole family should be able to revel in.

Cooking is an art. How to make a dish with good color, shape, taste, and smell is a big knack. I always go to a cooking forum to learn a new menu. Then, I will give my family a surprise with a new dish.

Cooking is a science. How much vitamin, protein and fiber you consume is determined by the material you choose and the way you cook. Eating well, you can get natural beauty, a vigorous body and a sharp mind.

Cooking is system engineering. If you have a general plan ahead and a roadmap step by step, you can cook with less time.

Cooking can be a team work. You can have a good time to pick vegetable, cut meat, fry food with your loved one. Someone even said that cooking is the best way of flirting.

If you really love life, cooking can be relaxing and fun. You can really taste pleasure in cooking as well as in eating. Life is a feast, especially sharing with persons that you love. Enjoy cooking, enjoy life.



great blog and nice articals keep up the good work

Jade Meng said...

Thank you for visiting. This afternoon I just thought I could give up blogging, and then I received a personal message from a lovely lady: "I pray you continue sharing and encouraging others to grow!"

A timely message. I will continue.

Sherin said...

Very interesting. Not only in the sense of this post but in the sense of the blog. It is because my second habit is cooking. Let me have a look every were.


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Meghann said...

A toast to that! I love cooking and baking and find it so therapeutic. There is nothing better than kneading dough when you are frustrated!

Jade Meng said...

Meghann, that's a good point-nothing better than kneading dough when you are frustrated.

I think everyone can be a dough kneaded by life and a stone sculptured by time. Some are more passive; some are more proactive.