Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Power of Focus

Grass rustled in the dark woods as wind blew
In the dimness General Guang Li drew the bow
At crack of dawn they searched the white feather
In a corner of a stone buried deeply was the arrow

Hearing the sound of the wind in the dark woods, General Guang Li mistook a stone for a tiger, exerted all his strength to pull his bow back, because he was so focused, he was able to shoot an arrow into the hard corner of a stone. He initially acted from the mind of sincerity that had no wandering thoughts, thus, the stone was shot through. The next morning, General Guang Li realized that the tiger was actually a stone, he tried several times, but unable to repeat his previous accomplishment. Once he intentionally shot the stone with pride and vanity, he couldn’t make it.

“Utmost sincerity thus evokes a response from Heaven.” A miracle is achieved when the mind attains a certain point of purity as we sever our wandering discriminatory thoughts and attachments. When the mind is pure, there are no obstacles. With a mind of utmost sincerity, intensity, and dedication, we can do a lot of things we think we can’t achieve.

It has been claimed by social researchers that the number one reason that stops people get what they want is lack of focus. Lisa Haneberg ever wrote a book “
Focus Like a Laser Beam: 10 Ways to Do What Matters Most”. Laser light is of one frequency, rather than diffusing off in all directions, running parallel to each other to a tiny target. Due to the extraordinary focus, a laser beam can melt a hole in a diamond.

Find a right cause and focus on it is not an easy thing to do, for there are too many distractions and temptations, we can be easily thrown off the track. Learning how to harness and implement the power of focus will help you enjoy more time off and improve overall performance. Focus our passion and skills into lasered energy, we can achieve more than in an incoherent mental state.

If you really want to accomplish something in either your career or personal life, stay focused on it, don't let short-term opportunities or roadblocks distract you. If you are focused on the right things, the payoff can be tremendous – you are a big achiever.


Lea said...

Hi Jade

Excellent post, and I have to agree. In my own experience, my successes were in areas where I was completely focused and my intent was strong. As the old saying goes, if you want it bad enough, you will get it.

Being focused with intent lets the universe know this is something you truly want, plus motivates you to do what is required to manifest it.

Love & blessings :)

Jade Meng said...

"if you want it bad enough, you will get it." It reminds me Law of Attraction - when you hold something in your mind intently, it may manifest itself. Eveything we get is attracted into our life. We had better always have good thoughts.

ModEraTor said...

Hi jade ,

really good post , Focus is the most important thing to get success . One should always try to keep away from distractions

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alwayswinner786 said...

Wonderful post.
You have said it right that a pure mind have no obstacles.
But to remain focused is a tough job but not impossible, with friends like you motivating us life will be beautiful!
God bless.
Your friend always.

Anonymous said...

Very good post..!!!!! Yes.

Real Talk-Time said...

I have to say I agree with you but not only do you have to have focus you have to have the drive and desire to achieve and succeed.

I am a go getter so it's hard for me to deal with or understand those who say they want something but don't go after it.

Anonymous said...

My input shall not differ a lot from Lea's (1st comment) and if I've to add something it'll be the joy to acheive whatever I want to get after focusing.

Anonymous said...

So many times we tried to focus but we lost our time on useless things, thanks for sharing this useful post!