Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From Broadness to Focus

CN Tower from CBC Tall Some people develop a clear goal and a focused interest at their early age, but some people have a tendency to be interested in a broad array of subjects all along their life. The former are more likely to become successful in their career and life than the latter, as my previous post “The Power of Focus” suggests.

If people who have diverse interests and talents can knit together the full diversity of their experiences, they can also become highly successful and reap the harvest of their intelligence. Likewise, after you build a wide and solid foundation, on which, you can build a taller and stronger building.

A person, with a diverse interests and a breadth of knowledge, may feel he is good for nothing and unqualified for anything at some period of his life. However, as a multitalented person has a focused mind and starts to concentrate his multiple skills toward one small task or one small project, he is able to do things others cannot, and he even can work as a one-soldier army – carrying on and completing a project on his own without outside help. All the information is processed in a single brain, coordinating the right and the left hemispheres, streamlined, without the inconvenience of miscommunication and misunderstanding among several people, thus in an emergent situation a one-soldier army even can produce better result than a team does.

For example, if you have good database, mathematical, analytical, writing, design and computer skills, you can actually collect data, analyze data, summarize your findings, create diagrams, do page designs and write a report all on your own. If you have a general understanding of a lot of subjects and have very sharp learning ability, you can develop your knowledge to a higher level in a short time to meet the project’s need by using all the free resources from internet and library.

A versatile person with collective intelligence can make contribution to cross-disciplinary program or project, can apply technology in the understanding human diversity and can conduct scientific research with an insight of complex social issues. As a lot of disciplines ramify to narrower and narrower branches, and the society becomes more and more technology-driven, we may need broad-based efforts to grapple the vexing problems faced by humankind.


Kate Smedley said...

Lovely message, very inspirational

Jade Meng said...

Thank you for visiting. Enjoy your life!

EddieGarcia said...

Focus is crucial for network marketing. I started out with all kinds of irons in the fire. It wasn't until I took the 30 Day Mental Cleanse, that I was able to begin focusing on what I wanted and needed to do to grow my business. Focus is a must and the sooner you get a grip on it the better.

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Jade Meng said...

I agree with you. Without focus, broadness is nothing. Actually, I also experienced mental cleasing which lasted for almost one year, majorly about ideology, outlook of life, self-esteem, than I can focus my knowledge into tasks, I am much more productive.

Thank you for visiting. You have a nice blog.