Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Giving Out Roses, Your Hand Has Remaining Fragrance

In this world, a lot of people would like judge others quickly or think ill of others without any verification. A mature and kind person is sympathy, can view things from the others’ standpoint first, and will not judge people without knowing their social and cultural background.

Nice words are like spring breeze; vicious words are like winter blizzard. After you give out roses, your hands have remaining fragrance. Nevertheless, vicious speech is like a double-edged sword, not only hurting others but also hurting oneself. Think first before you speak out anything.

Don’t speak on something you don’t know and you don’t understand. Don’t judge people by their appearance, on one occasion or by your prejudice. Don’t gossip and say kitty things behind the other’s back. Speak with conscience, with nice intention and with fairness.

When one talks, it is better to speak something encouraging, helping, decent and grateful, try not to fabricate from nothing, spread falsehoods, incorrectly relay erroneous message, or spread malicious rumors intentionally.

We are creating our own blessings by our deeds and words. It is better to collect virtue of speech than to produce karmatic obstacles of words.

Be nice, we will make the other people feel warm and make ourselves feel happy and healthy.

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