Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time is the Best Touchstone

Time can test anything. Under the magic wand of time, everything will eventually shows off its true nature.

Time is the best touchstone for friendship. You can’t know a person very well in a short time, but during a long time, in a lot of situations, fortunate or misfortunate, you can know if your friend is sincere, reliable and patient. Good friends are not always around, but will definitely show up when you need help.

Time is the best touchstone for love. The physiologists said that love is a passion waterfall and a chain-reaction to release a few drops of the hormone in our bodies, so love can come and go as ephemeral as a sparkle of fire. However, true love is a kind of human feeling which can endure all kinds of circumstances and can last for a very long time. Only the love without vulgarity can be put to the proof.

Time is the best touchstone for character. You can deceive some people at some time, but you can not deceive all the people all the time. People can defile your reputation, but if you have inner firmness and strong belief, no one can use your reputation to manipulate your actions and no one has power to defile your character; you are still your true self. “If you want to see how pure and noble a pine tree is, wait until the snow and ice melt down.”

Time is the best touchstone for talent. A lot of people complain they have unrecognized talents or they have no opportunity to use their talents. As a wit says, being talented is like being pregnant, after some time, people will finally find out, you cannot hide. Even if you have talents, you have to grow with time and grasp the right timing.

Time is a river, flowing all the time. Time washes away all the wastes and illusions, and shows the truth and reality to the broad light.


Loomis said...

Great blog.
Thanks for your comment over at

I have read a ton of books, and experimented alot with personal development. What kind of topics are you interested in within self improvement? Have you read any of Anthony Robbins stuff?

Jade Meng said...

I read a lot of books from a lot of authors, such as Napoleon Hill, Michael Gerber, John Maxwell and so on. I heard "Awaken the Giant within" several times, but never read anything from Anthony Robbins. He is my next must-read.

Loomis said...

Awaken the giant is such an amazing book, I am actually in the process of rereading it.

Napoleon hills book Think and grow rich was my first self improvement book I read, I think it was a first for many others as well.

I like your banner, Im working on getting one for my blog. Im not to good with photoshop :/

Jade Meng said...

Think and Grow Rich is a great book. As I remember, Napoleon Hill himself had gone to bankrupcy three times.

It is time-consuming to design and create a meaningful and impressive banner. I still haven't found time to create one for my another blog.

There are a lot of free basic video tutorials on the I learned some lessons from that website.

Kathryn said...

What a beautiful post. In this instant gratification society, it's really great to think about how good things things truly do develop over time. I know that the best friends I have are the ones that I've known forever even if we don't always talk anymore because there is something about the way we've seen each other change and grow over time that strengthens that bond. Good stuff.

Jade Meng said...

"because there is something about the way we've seen each other change and grow over time that strengthens that bond." Beautiful writing.

True friendship is like fine wine, becoming better and stronger as time flies.