Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mental Power: the Biggest Energy on the earth

What is the biggest energy in the universe? Is it oil, charcoal, natural gas, or else? All mentioned above are limited and can be depleted someday.

We humans are spiritual beings, receiving energy from the universe and emitting energy out. The biggest power is from within, from our heart. The biggest energy is our boundless mental power.

Electric OrchestraThe power of belief - We can’t be better than what we believe we are; we can’t do better than what be believe we can. Believing is the starting point of any achievement, discovery and invention. True belief empowers, strengthens and energizes us. True belief leads us to conquer any difficulty and achieve any goal.

The power of intelligence - Intelligence is our ability to think rationally, to act purposefully, and to apply our knowledge effectively in our environment. We can understand, imagine, learn, and improve; we are all wisdom; we are genius beyond description.

The power of emotion - When we feel good about ourselves and think the good things what we want, they appear in our life. We can use the power of positive emotion to transform our life. Emotion is contagious and powerful. Our love, kindness, confidence, and happiness can transmit energy to positively impact other people.

The power of willpower -Willpower manifests as inner firmness, determination, resolution and persistence. Willpower is our ability to control our impulses and to exert our will on our actions. When we encounter any obstacle and adversity, willpower gives us resolve and energy to sustain in the path and to overcome the difficulty.

The power of morality - Morality is a code of values to guide a person’s choices and actions that determine the purpose and the course of his life. Our morality defines our way of being, living and succeeding. The power of morality doesn’t show its effect quickly, but exerts its influence in the long term. As to morality, you are not judged by how clean you are, but by how severe the test you’ve lived through and how strong your mind is.

The mental power is our inexhaustible treasure, always available for use. There is an unlimited supply of ideas and spiritual energy inside us and waiting for us to develop and to bring forth.

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Anonymous said...

These are true words. Mental power is that which allows all else to be accomplished.

Jade Meng said...

Agree. But people can build or destroy, so conscience and morality are very important.

WisdomMountain said...

Great!The Will Can Move Mountain!

Jade Meng said...

Yes, the will can move mountain, but it is better to build a mountain, especially a wisdom mountain.