Sunday, February 1, 2009


When I was young, I always thought that the grass was greener in the next meadow and that there was no beautiful scenery around home. In my thirties, I realised that we can find happiness, love and fortune at any place. It depends on our mindset and perspective. However, life is a regretless journey. Wherever you go, enjoy.

In the legend there is a place called paradise
Overflowing with natural beauty and pureness
Saunter in the path clothed in blooms
You will forget all the worry,
only have wholesome bliss

Driven by the deep desire for superlative beauty
I left home to search for the paradise
Roam around the world
Wondering where is the paradise in my dreams

One day, a girl said she had already found it
She showed me pictures of the paradise
Suffocated by the refreshing exquisiteness
I realized that is my hometown which I miss

It was published on Vita Issue 3 by ASIAPAC Books.


Daniel Ng said...

"life is a regretless journey. Wherever you go, enjoy. "

Yup! we alway love to complaint our lives time to time but the key of happiness is you have to learn to count every blessing in your life, give thanks in whatever circumstances, when you have no regret in your life that is your paradise!

Jade Meng said...

Being on land, settle; being on sea, sail. Feel at peace wherever you go.

Gratitude can bring more luck than complaint within reasonable boundary.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. So often people are focused on the end result that they forget the beauty of journey -- external journey as well as internal.

Jade Meng said...

devonellington, I just read your blog. I agree with you that art is very important. Art enriches our life as enjoying the scenery and smelling rose enlighten our weary journey.