Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Forgiving and Letting Go

A Milkwood Pinwheel Flower: Tabernaemontana divaricata, Botanical Gardens, Singapore

Nearly everyone has been hurt by the others’ words and actions. If you hold feelings of anger and grudge within yourself, you can never have real lasting happiness and inner peace.


Some people overact to your words or put words to your mouth; some people make conclusions with little information and they believe their illusions are truth, and they spread falsehoods; some people use worst imagination to think about others and they think they are kind and trying to help; some people are natural liars who can't stop lying.


You can forgive people without excusing their acts. You can free yourself from bitterness and thoughts of revenge. Forgiving will give you a freer and happier life. People are mean because they are losers, or vice versa, people are losers because they are mean. Forgive them; if they can’t hurt you, they are hurting themselves by collecting negative karma.


Let go all the bad feelings; don’t let bitterness grip on you. Let go the past, focus on the present and create a promising future. Move forward to live a life with success, love, happiness, mercy and kindness. Focus on improving yourself; focus on your good life. Your success and happy life is the best revenge to the jealous and mean-spirited people.


No one knows the entire truth. You can’t judge. Only God can. No one can escape the net of destiny.

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