Friday, September 12, 2008

Pearl - Pain and Shine


If you are an oyster, do you want to struggle with organic intruders and endure the pain of sanding and rubbing to produce a shining pearl, or do you want to live a comfortable life and then produce nothing?


Imagining the threatening irritation caused by a parasite, the torture of water attrition and sand grinding, no oyster likes to undergo all the pain to generate a pearl. But they have no choice, it just happened.


That’s life. You want to live an easy life, but you are put into harsh situations, meet all kinds of people and live through adversities. During this painful process, you strengthen your character muscle, fortify your heart and build up your wisdom.


If you already encountered hardship, you should thank God. He provided you a chance to learn important lessons, to get mature and wise, to obtain a gentle but strong heart. The earlier the hardship comes, the earlier you can benefit from it. It is a process of life to smooth and refine you into a valuable and shining pearl.


Naturally, among many hundreds oysters, only one can generate a fine pearl. If life happens to train you into a pearl, don’t complain the pain, but thank the opportunity.

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