Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Love, Concordant Dance

In my imagination, love is kind of concordant dance, as smooth and beautiful as pairs free skating. Free skating is exquisite performance, which entails acting in concert physically and conjugating with each other mentally. It is hard for those skating pairs not to fall in love during this delicate action, so a lot of pairs are spouses in real life.

Real love is like a dance with your entire body, spirit and soul in harmony with your partner. Read your mind from your eyes, and pass on subtle feelings; also, we two can perceive the same direction and perform a serial of complicated leap loop. Then, you receive me stably and confidently. I feel so graceful and peaceful in your arms and experience you masculine power from this performance. In this act, we forget ourselves, only with the desire to fly. There is the sound of wind and music. It is a symphony of inebriation, freedom, body connection, and soul sublimation.

It is a superlative realm. In the real life, I am emotional, and you are appreciative. I recite ancient poetry, and you tell me life wisdom. I like to walk leisurely in the park, and you walk with me hand in hand. We don’t need a lot of money to be romantic, but wealth is important nutrition for love. We will build a life with happiness and balance.

I ever danced lonely under the moonlight waiting for you. Until you joined me, we dance together tunefully.

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