Friday, September 26, 2008

Wisdom from Buddha (Collected and translated by Jade)

Accept all the fair-weather and bad-weather with a heart full of happiness.

We should have an uplifting heart to respect and accept all the other different from us.

The real greatness is to endure the others cannot endure, and to accomplish the others cannot accomplish.

Getting something you should not obtain will bring you bad luck.

Treat your enemy well, your enemy will disappear.

Hating others will burn you inside and hurt yourself more.

Slandering a person with deep cultivation is like throwing a stone into emptiness, which will cause nothing and hurt nothing.

If you don’t fall down by yourself, nothing can force you down.

Those who say malicious words from a mean heart will hurt their own reputation and bring bad luck to their next generations.

We have to learn to forgive the others’ ignorance.


Metal Film Review said...

"Treat your enemy well, your enemy will disappear."

true..i'm a buddhist and what they taught in the temple is what i learned from your site.

Jade Meng said...

I have read bible for several years, but it is Buddha that brings me inner peace.