Sunday, September 7, 2008

Use Time Wisely

time machine........

Emerson ever wrote about the German writer Goethe: “He is the type of culture, the amateur of all arts and sciences and events;” “He can not hate anybody; his time is worth too much.” Goethe, the admirable scholar, inspires people to spend their time for positive emotions and on constructive things.


It needs more strength and cultivation to be kind than to be mean. It requires more conscience to take personal responsibility than to blame others. It takes more brainpower to create your own luck.


Look around, I am surrounded by sunshine, flowers and green meadows. Life is enjoyable, a good time with my family, my sons' angelic smile, a piece of beautiful music, an edifying book, a cup of refreshing tea, a warm hug, and every other beautiful moment.


I will give all my time for working, reading, thinking, and appreciating. At the seashore of knowledge, I haven’t wetted my shoes yet. I have a lot to learn. I will focus on positives and solutions. I will work out my own luck. I will be so busy feeling happy and peaceful that there is no room for all the negative feelings.


I will focus on myself and do my things well. I will use all my time to work, to love, to enjoy life, to learn new knowledge and to build up wealth. Do I have extra time to hate anybody? No one is worth my precious time for any negative feelings.

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