Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Determined in the Womb

Yesterday I posted an entry “Life is a choice”. I overheard someone said, “Actually, we have little choice about life; ninety percent is already determined in the womb.” 90%? So high?


I did a quick internet research to see what are determined in the womb.


  • BBC news said stroke risk determined in the womb, according to US scientists.
  • Irish scientists claimed handedness determined by 10 weeks in the womb.
  • New York Times make the assertion that weight as adult may be determined in the womb.
  • Philadelphia researchers suggested that food preference may be determined in the womb.
  • Men’s dancing style may be determined in the womb.
  • Researchers in London said male fertility problems may be linked to hormone levels early in pregnancy.
  • Canadian scientists said a man's sexual orientation appears to be determined in the womb.
  • A UK research team stated that even career choice begins in the womb.


Wow! If all these important things are determined in the womb, and our parents make a series of decisions for us before we reach 18, there is little room left for us to make options, so it is important to make good decisions for the small part of life.


When things go wrong or we cannot meet our parents’ expectation, we may have valid reasons to blame our moms. Therefore, to be a good mom starts from very beginning, starts from the womb.


V - Entrepreneurship in Corporate Life said...

All those things determined in the womb can be summed up in a word - fate.

Jade Meng said...

I am wondering, if a man takes good care of his wife, and if a woman takes good care of her life and body, can they create better fate for their kids?

Fate is not unchangeable. "Somehow, good deeds and kind words can change one's destiny." I read this from "Liao Fan's Four Lessons." I am trying to follow Liao Fan's way.

V - Entrepreneurship in Corporate Life said...

Though a lot about a person's life is determined in the womb, and whatever the answer is to your question, you were still correct about life being a matter of choice in all things one does.

Jade Meng said...

Agree. Life is not about holding a hand of good cards; it is about playing well the cards in your hand. You are a good player, I am sure.

V - Entrepreneurship in Corporate Life said...

Not really - I have played many poor hands of cards in the past...and wasted promising opportunities :(

But your faith is appreciated :)

Jade Meng said...

One feels distressed, not because he gains too little, but because he expects too much. Your expectation is too high, I guess, with good reasons.