Saturday, December 13, 2008

There is no accident

In the film Kung Fu Panda, the clumsy Po, a noodle peddler, is thrust into sky by firework, and then lands in front of the pointing finger of the tortoise Master Oogway with perfect timing. Oogway claims Po to be the Dragon Warrior. Everyone is surprised, but Oogway says firmly, “There is no accident.”

Po is fanatic with Kung Fu; he has passion and determination; his strong desire and secret dream send him into the public tournament. Even Po’s shortcomings are his strong points - his clumsiness can disarm any fighter, and he is brand new and not stereotyped, so no one knows how to deal him. Although berated and humiliated by the Furious Five – Tigress, Monkey , Mantis, Viper, and Crane, Po has learned the highest philosophy of Kung Fu and eventually defeats the evil Tai Lung.

Sometimes people can be deluded by the surface phenomenon. When bad thing happens to a seemingly honest and generous person, they think his honesty brings him bad luck, but they don’t know he may have destructive vices, which are real cause. When a seemingly low person is blessed, they think the cause-effect law is wrong, but they don’t know he may possess grand hidden virtues, which are pleasing to the heaven and earth.

There is no accident. Everything happens with a reason. We create our own fate; we harvest we sow. Something goes around, will come around. Everything that comes to our life is attracting into our life by our own thoughts and behaviors. We are not passive to our environment, either. How we react to a situation will bring about different results. Don’t complain, life never wrongs you.

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