Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sparkle of Thoughts

sparkly bits*

If a man has a psychological disorder, he may be called a loony. If a society has developed a chronic psychological disorder, it may be called culture. If you don’t follow this kind of culture in that society, you will be considered unconventional and may be called a loony.

Smart people can change a desert into an oasis, survive and thrive; stupid people can change a luxuriant field into polluted barren land, then die of despair and destituteness. Sometimes, there is no cure to this kind of stupidity. Even death can’t wake them up.

If a person lies the first time, he/she has to invent the second lie to cover the first one, and then invents the third lie to cover the second one until he/she develops into a habitual liar. All the lies will burst out like a balloon at a certain point, and all the shameful pieces will fall onto his/her own face. The best policy is not to lie from the beginning.

Gossips are like fleas: one or two will itch you, but when there are many of them, they don’t irritate you anymore. However, a place, either full of fleas or full of gossips, is definitely low-class.

When men gossip a lot about a woman, they are actually attracted or obsessed by this woman although they don’t want to admit it; when women gossip a lot about a woman, they are jealousy of her and intend to compare with her.

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