Monday, December 22, 2008

Life is a choice

Life is not unalterable and passive; if we are determined, we have enough power to choose what kind of life we live.


We can choose what we should believe and what we should not believe.


We can choose a goal, then follow it; Even we miss the goal, we are somewhere between our departure point and the goal.


We can choose to give up hope or to keep on going until we break a new ground.


We can choose to have a positive attitude or to be cynics, to be happy or to be unhappy.


We can choose to regret for our whole life for a moment of pleasure, or choose to sacrifice a moment of pleasure for lifelong peace and happiness.


By choosing a career and/or a spouse, we choose what kind of lifestyle we live.


As women, we can choose to cherish our body or abandon ourselves.


A woman doesn’t choose only for herself, she takes responsibility for her child. With good life habits, she can give birth to a healthy baby. With good judgment, she can choose a responsible father and a happy life for her next generation.


As women, we need sense of security. Whichever wealth, fame, achievement, social status, respect, love, family or children can bring us security, we have to choose from our gut feelings, don’t be distracted by others’ opinion.


Life is a series of choice. Any choice comes with alternatives. We have to accept the opportunity cost, don’t regret.


tikno said...

You are right, life is a choice. But some people afraid to choose especially if facing hard condition.

Jade Meng said...

Avoiding to choose is a choice, too. They choose to let the other ot the odds to decide their fate, right? By the way, you have a wonderful site.